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Choosing the Perfect Dining Chair

Choosing the ideal dining chair for your home, you may stumble upon problems like un-matching style, color scheme - or simply missing something you cannot name. Here we introduce factors you might want to consider when buying the perfect chair to accompany your dining table.

Dining table

Speaking of dining chairs, the first unquestionable element would be the style of your dining table. Say if it is rustically wooden, you can pair it with either equally rustic chairs made of timber (e.g. Kennedy chair, wishbone chair or even a bench); or you can spice it up a bit with Eames’ modernism, leather’s sleekness, even the Ghost chair’s funkiness. Meanwhile, it is up to you if you want varying styles surrounding your everyday dining session for simple wooden tables are always versatile like a clean slate. Otherwise, if the seats you are looking for is a companion for sophisticated round tables, try industrial metal ones, or the Eames fiberglass ones (either with fabric upholstery or not) that come in an accommodating range of colors.

Home Style

Home style can be a flickering aspect since some might want to keep the aesthetic clean while some want otherwise: very witty and colorful. Either way, the all-rounded Eames style pieces may fall into your variables of dining seat solution. Go for wooden chairs like the wishbone or windsor chair in light of a Nordic slash Mediterranean touch. Or the tone is rather 21st-century, you may turn to bar tables with bar stools that is out of conformity. It is vital for you to put coordinating pieces together or the key will be off - considering dining is such an important factor in one’s life.

Color Scheme

Color scheme of the whole house - especially the floor tiles, plays a crucial role to determining your choice of dining chairs. You wouldn’t want a red sticking out of a supposedly all-white scheme, would you? So sometimes you just need to stay in the lane of your original color coordination to prevent oddness. Or, if you are feeling plain wooden aesthetic, you might want to style them into different shades of the same rustic color to hinder too deliberate of a timber vibe.

Family structure

Occasionally, how your family is structured as well impacts very much on the choice of the materials of dining chairs. For instance, if you are keeping pets, their paws or teeth may scratch the upholstery of the chairs, so it is better not to put leather or cashmere (fabrics) as your priority for the seats. On the other hand, kids are often spontaneous and creative, they may draw on the surface of the very accessible dining chairs; you may therefore consider not having, again, leather, cashmere and timber as the finish because they are really hard to clean.

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