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8 Places to Visit for an Affordable Renovation

Planning on renovating your house: either refurbishment or custom-made furniture, who wouldn’t love it if the prices are just a little bit more affordable and true to quality? Here we propose places to visit for spending your money in the wisest way.

Furbishing materials

If you happen to have walked around Wanchai Hennessy Road and Lockhart Road; or Mongkok Portland street to Reclamation Street, you would probably find out they are filled with raw materials for refurbishing; and not so surprisingly, they adopt very competitive pricing strategy - often coupled with professional quality and opinions from shop owners - a package of services and products customized. Looking for appliances with low price, these will be your destinations.

Customized home supply

Pay a visit to Java Road (North Point) or To Kwa Wan’s Chatham to Ma Tau Wai Road if you are in search of some custom-made good deals. There are often sophisticatedly consulted home furnishing ideas and supplies that cost not so much of a fortune. In case you are extra price-sensitive; not to mention you have extra luck and patience for any piece of home goods, Taobao will be your dream place for customization of such - yet you have to be exceptionally careful with the choosing as quality is uneven.

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