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3 Places to Find Good Deals for Your Home Office Chair

Looking for something extraordinary other than the conventional Swedish brand, or simply a more professionally ergonomic seat, you would often wonder where you can get it fast, cheap, and high-quality. Here we would like to introduce places to get the good deals.

Pre-owned office chairs

Around the Tin Hau Tsing Fung street areas, many second hand office supplies are present with high-end quality (e.g. Steelcase, Herman Miller). They are often coupled with nearly new condition that close-to-zero defects are present. If you do not mind to try out pre-owned stuff for an extremely attractive price, this might be your destination as the chairs are ergonomic and the range of brand varies greatly for you to indulge in.

Professional deals

Afterall, home office seats would sometimes be considered a lifetime companion, you would like it to be more of a durable piece than a fad that you would throw away merely in 1-2 year’s time. So we get it if you are reluctant to the second-hand items. If you want price equals quality, some of the big local retailer, for instance Lamex and POSH offers professional pieces that ensure the best quality you can find in an office chair - of course comes with high-end price ($5000-7000) as well.

Time-saving bargains

Sometimes you just want to get it over with as soon as possible. So online shopping might be one of the solutions to such. Many local furniture suppliers present lower priced professional pieces from around HK$1000 to 3000 - a very reasonable range for their quality is proximate to the mentioned big names. Adding the fact that online shopping saves you a lot more time, the bargain just gets more tempting. Even if you want to check out the real thing first, many of them locate at the accessible areas of the city (e.g. Island West to Central), so you need not to worry about fusses.

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