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Mito Volo 140 Var 65-165

Mito volo’s full talent shines through when you interact with it. The suspended linear luminaire can be adjusted with one hand to suit any situation. It features »touchless control« right at the light source – the head of the luminaire. The color temperature can be altered to suit the situation using »color tune«. Mito volo is also DALI-compatible (optional).

Touchless Control With the help of »touchless control« Mito can be controlled with a simple gesture – touchlessly and intuitively thanks to innovative infrared sensors.

Color Tune Simply select the color temperature perfect for the occasion via gesture control. Whether you opt for warm light tones with 2700 Kelvin for relaxing in the evenings or a more cooler, energizing light of 4000 Kelvin to get your work done.

Height Adjustment In a room or above a table: With its height adjustment feature, the Mito volo can be easily and conveniently set. A sophisticated reel mechanism ensures that Mito volo always remains horizontal at any desired height.

DALI-compatibility Mito alto and Mito volo can be integrated into existing DALI systems and thus equipped or retrofitted with DALI controls. With DALI the luminaires can be switched on and off, dimmed or the color temperature can be changed with »color tune«.

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