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Winter Clearance Sale! Please do not wait.

Heat Brass Pendant Lamp

Original price $9,780.00 - Original price $18,380.00
Original price
$9,780.00 - $18,380.00
Current price $9,780.00

Gleaming brass mesh was the starting point for this pendant lamp, which the designer artistically transformed into a glowing cloud of fire. Once the light is turned off, the ‘fire’ disappears, giving the shade a cloudy appearance. Heat was born out of the designer’s experiments with clashing materials, and the inspiration to create a large pendant light characterised by contrasts.

The lamp appears fiery one minute, then tranquil the next, creating eye-catching features in either mode. Whatever mode you choose, Heat is a dynamic lamp that fills the interior with creativity and imagination.

SKU Northern Lighting-482
Size: Small L66cm