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Winter Clearance Sale! Please do not wait.
Winter Clearance Sale! Please do not wait.

Glint Wall Lamp

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$4,780.00 - $4,780.00
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Enhancing your home and your experiences within it, Glint is the perfect wall lamp when night-time falls.

Created by Swedish designer, Felix Isidorsson, who drew inspiration from our innate connection to light, and the value it brings to all our lives. Thanks to a subtle perforated pattern within the circular metal shade, Glint reflects soft, glare-free shadows up and across the room, brightening your home while at the same time bringing a natural feeling of warmth and intimacy.

Made from aluminium, brass, or powder coated steel, the Glint wall lamp can be both mains supplied or plugged into the power source directly.

SKU Northern Lighting-265
Color: White
Size: L36cmxW5.5cmxH36cm