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Clearance Sales. Up to 50% off for selected displays.
Clearance Sales. Up to 50% off for selected displays.


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Design by Elisa Padrón + Nani Marquina

The Tres Collection reflects nanimarquina’s passion for craftsmanship, specifically paying tribute to the ancient craft of weaving. With this collection, the desire is to reclaim the basics, to appreciate the beauty in details and respect tradition.

Tres is a traditional Indian flat-weave Dhurrie rug. Its unique quality lies in the production of three independent parts in which different fibres predominate. The proportion and combination of wool, felt, and cotton generate changes in tone and irregularities in the weave, bringing the pattern to life.
The collection is an exercise in honesty, showcasing the weaving structure almost in a pedagogically style, without fear of revealing the warp. The fringes also help to understand the construction process thus enhancing the differentiation between the three pieces that finally blend together invisibly.

Available in 2 sizes and 7 colour variations: black, blue, sage, ocher, turquoise, chocolate and pearl; Tres captives with an elemental and timeless design.


85x50x42 cm

49% Wool, 45% Felter & 6% Cotton + Ash wood


170x240 cm

Hand loomed

49% Wool, 45% Felter & 6% Cotton


SKU Nanimarquina-Tres-Green-85x50x42
Type: Pouf
Size: 85x50x42
Color: Green