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Clearance Sales. Up to 50% off for selected displays.
Clearance Sales. Up to 50% off for selected displays.


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Design by Sybilla

Mélange is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, fashion and home, craft and design, past and future. The collection composed by 20 models symbolizes a blending of marked contradictions that work together, acting as complements.

Thanks to the simplification of classic motifs such as geometric patterns and a pared colour palette, the Mélange is a contemporary version of the Kilim. An exercise in aesthetic rationalization that upholds the ancestral handcrafted techniques of Pakistan.

Combining coordinated poufs add a touch on the atmosphere that refers directly to the oriental culture in which everything is done almost at ground level.

A giant patchwork effect is achieved by overlaying the Mélange rugs, perfect for decorative purposes and warmth.


Hand woven

100% Hand spun Afghan wool


SKU Nanimarquina-Melange-Melange-Pattern-1-80x140
Color: Melange Pattern 1 - 80x140