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Winter Clearance Sale! Please do not wait.
Winter Clearance Sale! Please do not wait.


by Moooi
Original price $53,780.00 - Original price $55,980.00
Original price
$53,780.00 - $55,980.00
Current price $53,780.00
The philosophy behind the Plant Chandelier, designed by Kranen/Gille, is the imitation of nature’s structures while indulging in the poetry of their beauty. Inspired by the linear patterns of Karl Blossfeldt’s plant photography, and unrestricted by cables or wires, the Plant Chandelier is free to elegantly bloom towards the ceiling. Its silhouette follows the anatomy of sun-kissed tree branches, with a golden glow, which converges into frosted domes of light.
Size: 90x78x80
Choice: 10 MTR