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Winter Clearance Sale! Please do not wait.
Winter Clearance Sale! Please do not wait.

ILB 201 Sofa Bed

Original price $9,180.00 - Original price $9,180.00
Original price
$9,180.00 - $9,180.00
Current price $9,180.00

The independent double backrest design of the ILB201 and the adjustable three-stage inclination angle can provide you with a personalized and comfortable experience. Put the sofa back flat to complete the transition from sofa to bed.

ILB201's independent two-position backrest design, with adjustable three-speed tilt angle, can provide you with
Provide a personalized and comfortable experience, put the sofa backrest flat, and you can complete the sofa to the bed in place.
The transformation.

Frame: Metal Steel
Size: L226xW95xH79cm