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Plus is a spotlight that offers the ability to expand or focus the opening of the beam of light, through a gentle manual movement.

Its optical system consists of a collimation lens and a 'snoot' type retractable screen. Thanks to the user’s manual action, the lens and the snoot act as a zoom (moving away or approaching the LED), allowing the adjustment of the light beam angle from 'flood' to 'spot' position or vice versa.

This feature converts Plus into the ideal spotlight for applications where the precision of the beam of light is an essential element, such as museums, exhibitions, retail locations, or accent applications.

  • Colour: Textured white / Textured black
  • Light source: LED
  • Gross luminous flux: 480 lm / 500 lm / 515 lm
  • Power: 4,5 W
  • Colour temperature: 2700K / 3000K / 4000K
  • Colour Rendering Index: CRI>90
  • Chromatic stability: MacAdam Step 2
  • Light beam angle: 10°-41°
  • Lighting efficiency: 20-40%
  • Dimming: No Dim
  • Driver: Included
  • LED lifespan: L80B10 >60.000h
  • Sealing: IP20
  • Materials: Aluminium / Optical Polymethyl Methacrylate
SKU Arkos Light-A3270010NT+00005539N
Color: Textured Black
Options: PLUS Mini 3L 2700K with Surface Adapter