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Where To Find Furniture and Home Décor in Hong Kong

Are you looking for where to shop for everything for your home in Hong Kong? From in depth printed items to trendy seats, stylish dining tables, and antique furniture, this city has it all. Unfortunately, now knowing where to find these products can be a huge problem to many people especially visitors who have no idea of the right locations in town. The following are the best places to go looking for furniture and home décor in Hong Kong:


As the name suggests, this home accessories store offers fashionable items to help you spruce up your home. It also has an online shop where people can make orders without visiting the outlet physically. On their well-designed website, you will be able to see quality cushion covers, graphic-printed towels, high quality lighting options, rugs and vibrant, original pieces of art.


Known for contemporary furnishings and a wide variety of quirky neon-hued accents, this is one of the places to visit if you want quality and stylish furniture as well as home décor items. If you love shopping from the comfort of your living room, they have an online store that offers products at affordable prices and also discounts. One good thing about MyConcept is that they offer a 7 days refund if you find that the item you bought is not suitable. The outlet also offers home delivery within Hong Kong.  


If you want your apartment to look like a gentleman’s lounge, then consider checking out this shop. MyConcept has a variety of Chesterfield couches, chic statement pieces inspired by rich British heritage, soft leather armchairs and beautiful pieces of art. If you want something that will wow your visitors and makes them want to spend more time at your place, you should consider visiting this shop. 

General Store

Everybody has his or her taste and preferences. Some people like vintage items while some like contemporary designs and pieces of furniture. If you are a lover of antique items, this is the place you should visit. They focus on mid-century modern-day designs with lighting products that will remind you of the 1960s. The materials used in the designing of the pieces found here are made in the old fashion. You can get your dad an armchair from this store as a gift, and he will love you for reminding him of his youthful days.


If you want clean wooden items, then consider visiting this store. Solid wood is not an easy find today, and people are finding it hard to get quality pieces of furniture made of this material. Fortunately, this outlet gives you the opportunity to buy what pleases your eyes.