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3 designer tips on choosing your dining table

Whether you’re looking to buy your first table or you want to upgrade the hand-me-down you’ve been eating off of for years, the market can be overwhelming. A single search on Overstock for “dining room and kitchen tables” comes up with so many results and that’s just one site! To help you narrow it down, we’ve distilled some key rules for picking out a dinner table.

1. Always go bigger than you think is necessary

The hardest thing I have to do as a designer is convince clients that their furniture needs to be just a little bit bigger than they think it does! I hear things like, “We don’t really sit at the dining table that much,” or “There are only three of us.” Well, there may be only three of you, but if you have a dining room that is suited for a table for six then that room is going to look sad and empty — no matter how many bar carts and planters you add into the room.

2. Leave 3 feet of clearance space

If you go too far the other way, cramming in a table that’s too big for the space, it will look overwhelming and cluttered. The magic number here is three. You want to keep approximately three feet of space open behind your chairs in order to leave room for you and your guests to get up and down from the table.

3. Choose a glass table if you have a dark apartment

Something I hear often: “I want the space to feel light and airy.” It’s a common request, but unfortunately not every home has an abundance of space or great natural light. The answer? A glass table. It will always open up and lighten any space. Yes, a glass table will require a bit more maintenance than a wood-topped one when it comes to errant smudges, but a little swipe of glass cleaner will clear things up quickly. I usually recommend keeping a simple centerpiece on this table, and pairing it with bold chairs.

To sum up these tips,we have a recommendation for you: Sovet Slim rectangular or Slim extendable.it is a dining table with die-cast aluminium legs, polished chrome finish or lacquered, various finishes, and anodized or lacquered, various finishes, aluminium structure profile. Tempered glass top, 8 mm th. lacquered or frosted lacquered, various colours. Top available also in Materia, ceramic, wood or HPL, various finishes. It’s a nice choice to put this into your dining room.Please check MyConcept for more enquiries, also, we have a display model at our showroom. Feel free to visit and contact us!