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Illuminate Your Living: How to choose the right lighting for your living room

You can’t complete your living room without the right set of lighting. Not only does it serve as the source of illumination, it also reflects your style and personality. The choice of your lighting has a great impact on the overall appearance of the interior space. Here are some tips on how to pair your living room with the right lighting.

Use different light sources

Don’t solely rely on one light source in your living room. You could try placing different light sources to disperse the focus around the space, it would open up the room and create a more spacious illusion.

Birdy is an award winning lamp series from Northern Lighting. It comes in wall, table, and floor lamp. Let Birdy brighten up the corners of your home, and shed a light on your bright ideas.  


If you want to highlight a certain feature in your house, maybe a painting, or a display cupboard, accent lights are the best for drawing attentions.

Pendant lights to utilise vertical space

A large pendant light can easily be the centerpiece of your dining room. If your apartment has a high ceiling, hanging pendant lights can emphasis the height of your ceiling. You could also consider layering multiple mini pendants to create depth and dimension to your lightscape.

Make a statement with your lighting

If the choice of your furnitures is on the simpler side, a statement light will instantly become the focal point of your living room. A statement light piece like Oslo Wood would be perfect. Bold golden tripod paired with a dark fabric lampshade. Its adjustable shade allows you to angle light in any direction, anywhere you need a flash, Oslo Wood will light up your way.

Nordic design for the simple aesthetics

Sophistication in its purest form, that’s what makes Nordic design stands out from the others. Nordic lighting design combines the simple aesthetics of streamlined design, and careful consideration in functionality. Definitely the perfect match for your Scandinavian furnitures.