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How To Choose Hong Kong Best Stylish Dining Table

Dining tables come in different shapes and sizes. Finding the best stylish dining table can be a tiresome event if you do not know what to do. Hong Kong furniture stores offer a wide variety of furniture pieces, and it is your obligation as the buyer to find a suitable piece that meets all your dining needs. The following are tips on how to find Hon Kong best stylish dining table:


Dining tables come in different shapes; oval, rectangle or even round. Most rooms are rectangular making similar shaped tables ideal for such areas. However, this does not mean that you should ignore oval or square pieces. Consider the width of the furniture when buying as this can prevent you from reaching across when reaching for something on the opposite side. The only downside of oval and round pieces is that no one will sit at the end of the table unless there is totally no space on the sides. If you want the best of both worlds, you can consider buying the squared ones. However, they take up more space and if you want something to fill up the dining area then this is what to buy.


The size of the table should base on the space available in the room. There should be adequate room for movement of people and chairs. The room should be spacious enough to accommodate every member of the family without feeling too congested or people pushing the table with food on it just to sit on the chairs available. Make sure that you factor in the measurements of the room before buying a dining table.


If you want something durable that will last for generations, hardwood is what you need. Today, pieces of furniture are made of different materials for example engineered timber, softwood, concrete and even plastic. As much as salvaged wood might look stylish and bring some sophistication into the dining area, hardwood and concrete are the best materials. Concrete is super durable, but it can be a problem when moving outdoors or when cleaning the area.


There are several categories when it comes to dining table styles. For example;

  • The traditional tables are made from timber with either carved or turned legs. In general, they take up the formal shape and design.
  • Contemporary designs feature simple clean, lines and are usually made of sleek modern timber with a metal base or a glass top or both.
  • The industrial style is a combination of metal and seasoned wood for a great stylish look and functional feel.
  • The farmhouse style feature a time-worn timber finish and had carved details.