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How to choose dining room lighting?

Nowadays,many brands established chandeliers for dining room.Once you’ve decided what style chandelier you want for your dining room,remember that it illuminates only the area beneath and around it; you may need sconces or additional lighting to illuminate corners or serving areas. The right size central fixture will help determine what supplementary lighting you need.

The first step,you have to measure the size of your dining table, The American Lighting Association recommends sizing a chandelier 12 inches less in diameter than the table’s smallest width. Because the recommended height above a table in a room with an 8-foot ceiling is 30 inches, you might subtract a few inches from that so heads don’t bump as diners move to or from the table.

Second, Match the scale of the fixture to ceiling height. Add 1 inch to the height of the chandelier for each foot the ceiling stands over 8 feet. A 12-foot ceiling would lift a chandelier to at least 34 inches above the table. If the ceiling is very high, you may use a larger chandelier to match the scale of the room rather than the size of the table; as the chandelier rises, “headroom” is no longer an issue.

Third, Fit the chandelier to the proportions of the room. Add the two dimensions of the room in feet to get the diameter of the chandelier in inches. A 32-inch chandelier would look great on a 12-by-20-foot dining room but overwhelm a room that is only 10 feet wide by 15 feet long.

Fourth,Consider perceptions. Although they may be the same overall size, a modern chandelier of informal starbursts using light-emitting diodes will appear to spread out wider than a formal, compact “crystal” chandelier. In addition, consider using an oblong chandelier for a long table or one customarily used with one or more leaves; a round or square piece might appear to be skimpy.

In chandeliers, we recommend “Heracleum Small Big O” from a brand named Moooi.This is to coronate this spring’s design season, Heracleum’s festive foliage crown turns into a more intimate embrace. Its joyful glow of merry branches is still a glorious feast for the eyes, but this time round, with its more modest diameter, its sparkling beauty may decorate all kinds of interior environments, big and small. It can be fitted into different size of housing. Moooi lightings are available at MyConcept,welcome and feel free to contact us for more enquiries. You may check our website  https://www.myconcept.com.hk/collections/moooi/products/moooi-heracleum-small-big-o for the price and pictures.