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Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table

A living room without coffee table is like a full face of make-up without lipstick - it’s a crucial piece of the puzzle. Coffee tables are usually the centre of a living room, providing as a storage space as well as your foot rest. However, among a good many of choices, how should we determine which one to take to the cashier?


The first thing that comes to your mind would be the function of said table - do you want it to be merely a decoration or to serve an actual purpose? If you are looking for something to store miscellaneous items, tables with drawers or compartments will of course be your go-to. If you are placing drinks on it often, something with an elevated border might be the solution to prevent drinks from spilling onto the carpet or wooden tiles. Otherwise for decor purpose, you may choose your fantasised finishing, texture, etc.


Imagine this: what do you usually do in your living room? What shape of the coffee table would best complement the habits? If you have kids or pets, circular or rounded-edge ones would be the ideal choice - such as well ease the walking if there are numerous of chairs in the room. In other scenarios, where you are privileged with more moving space, the more convenient item for reaching your stuffs would be a rectangular one as the peripheries are equally close to your sofa - just be careful not to bump your toe on the legs!


Apart from the shape, sizes also matter. It shall not be shorter than the sofa by 5cm (2 inches). A 0.5m (18 inch) one is usually more suitable for a standardised sofa height. Picture yourself reaching for stuff on the coffee table, the height most comfortable should be the height of your item. If the one you are looking for is with an elevated border, the edges should be lower than the seats to prevent spilling of drinks as people tend to take cups horizontally.


The price range of a coffee table can be polarized. The total budget of a room includes lighting, sofa, major table, chairs and coffee table, and the priority is not the last one most of the time. Of course the consideration on the spacial distribution of other bigger furniture would be put first, and the coffee table can be put last, so the budget for such is free to be rough. If you would like to spend some quality money on the said table, just remember the price estimated will not affect the budget of the sturdy and durable sofa and chairs.

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