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The Most Important Factors on Getting Dining Chairs

The right dining table is still not perfect if it does not have the right chairs. Dining chairs can make for quite a challenge when it comes to choosing the perfect ones for your table. These ideas might help make the process easier.

The table

The table is a great determinant of the types of chairs you should get and the number. The general assumption is that the table should match the dining chair in every way but that is a really dull way of looking at things. Of course, if you are going for a formal look, then the matching set would probably make for better uniformity, however, for an informal setting, you are free to spice things up to preference. The number of chairs is determined by the dining table's size and shape. There should be as much as 24" of space between each chair, taking into account the table's legs. Again, you should consider the height of the table in relation to the chairs. Much as the number is dependent on the size of the table, you should also consider the maximum number of regular people you hope to host.


If you have a really big dining space and table, then you should look for chairs that make it look smaller and vice versa. Low broad chairs are really effective for making the space look bigger if it is small. High, narrow chairs can be used to make the space look smaller.


Chairs should be complementary to the rest of the décor. You can be experimental with them and they do not have to follow the entire décor but do not go extreme.

The test of time

You should also consider the durability of the chairs when you pick them. Here, there are a number of things to pay attention to, such as the cleanliness of the chairs, exposure to the elements, the strength of the chairs and such.


A key factor of consideration is how convenient the chairs are. Do they for instance ship while already assembled? If not, how and what do you need for the assembly? Do they have covers? How easy are these covers to remove and clean? You want something that will not strain you after you have made the purchase.


There are actually a lot of things to pay attention to when selecting a dining chair but as long as you have the general ideas at your fingertips, then you have nothing to worry about.