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5 Tips On Choosing A Dining Table

Should you go large, medium or small? How many chairs should it have? Should it be rectangular, circle, oval or square? What color is the best option? Such is the dilemma one can expect when making a choice on a dining table. With so many options in the market, the decision-making process has become one riddled with doubt, confusion and uncertainty. The following tips should however, be of assistance to you in helping you come to an easy and informed decision when choosing a dining table.

Tips on choosing dining table


Gone are the days when you would consciously choose a dining table for the sake of functionality, without paying attention to the décor. Granted, there might have been a limit to the options back then but of late, there are many stylish and functional dining tables around. When making your choice, pay attention to the interior décor and pick a table that complements the décor. The color and texture specifications all fall under the décor.


The size of the table is a huge determinant of which one to choose. There should be enough space from the wall, the furniture, to allow unstrained conversation and passing of food as comfortable setting of chairs. There are varying specifications on the minimum distance allowed around the room so asking an interior decorator might be a good option. You should also consider such things as the number of the users that might seat at the table. If for instance you are the one who ends up hosting family parties, you need a large table.


The notion that you can choose any shape of dining table is very wrong. The shape plays a very functional role. For starters, it should fit to the room or space available, a rectangular table in a square space would for instance be very crammed up. Rectangular dining tables are better for the larger space and they allow for a much larger setting. Round tables are great for small spaces, as are square tables- though these can fit into larger spaces. Oval tables combine the functional capacity of rectangular and circular tables.


Much as it is a dining table, you should consider its function. Is it just a dining table? Do you intend to use it for more? If it is to be used for more than meals, say the children's homework, you want a stronger table.


If the table is to be set outside where there is more exposure, you should choose one with durable material. If it is to be set inside, you can select a delicate material such as glass.