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6 Tips for Picking The Right Office Chair

Your office chair is your companion at the office and as such it should complement you. Picking the right office chair is however, not all about you. Well, of course you are choosing for yourself but with others in mind. Remember that at the end of the day, it is an office and either one of your co-workers might need to use that chair.

Eames Style High Back Leather Office Chair


Spending an entire day sited on a hard wood chair is not something I would wish for anyone. Comfort should be one of the major considerations that you make when picking a chair. Can you freely move in the chair? Is it well cushioned? Are you strained? These are just but three of the tens of questions you should ask yourself with respect to comfort.

Ease of movement

Whether or not you are glued to your seat all day, at some point or the other, you will have to get up. Does your chair allow for easy movement around the workstation? Is it cramming up the space so that other people can't move freely around your chair?


Ergonomics are a key factor of consideration when it comes to making the choice of your office chair. Body posture is a very important aspect of your health and a bad posture could hurt you and your career a great deal. It is therefore important that the chair you pick is ergonomic enough, most especially in relation to the entire workstation.


As mentioned earlier, you are not the only one who might need to use that particular chair and as humans, we are not all equal. With different body shapes and sizes, it becomes a pertinent issues that the chair you select is one that is easily adjustable to allow for different body sizes. Everything from the height to its width should be adjustable for greater flexibility.


Durability is such a huge consideration, what with it being used constantly for almost all the time. It is vital to check whether it is made of durable material or not. A chair with weak materials, or one with weak joints and other connections should be avoided at all costs.


This should always be the final consideration. It is important, but it should not be very influential. That is unless you have a fixed budget for which you cannot adjust. The expense of the chair might be costly from one retailer but cheap online so always try as many stores as possible.