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Clearance Sales. Up to 50% off for selected displays.
Clearance Sales. Up to 50% off for selected displays.
Why Eames Style DAW Armchair

Why Eames Style DAW Armchair

Available in the Eames furniture collection, and as one of 17 different furniture styles, the Eames Style Arm Chair is a pristine combination of sheer genius and creativity. It is the product of a brilliant mind and the design of a century. It showcases not only the serious thought that was put into the designing of the chair, but also the selection of materials and the manufacturing of the chair.

A dining chair with substance, the Eames Style Arm Chair is one that holds elegance with its simple design. This dining chair demands respect while also humbly pushing for excellent performance.

Eames DAW Replica


The design allows for excellent ergonomics control and delivery. There was extensive design research for the ergonomics of the chair and it was very expertly executed. The chair allows for a proper lift of the back and great support of the entire frame.


The incorporation of the stylish arm rest allows for comfort and relaxation. The chair is particularly designed to allows for maximum comfort for longer periods of time.


At just $589 this arm chair is affordable for most. Dare I say, that it is among one of the most affordable designer dining chairs available in the market. The arm chair is readily available for purchase through


Made of high quality leather and wood, the chair is designed to be a quality product without most of the faults that are seen in similar products.


The chair is available in a variety of colors including red, black and white. The color can go well with any décor in the house, it is just a matter of picking the best complementary color for your décor.


Style is a great factor of consideration when choosing a dining chair. The style of the Eames style arm chair is very elegant, fashionable, presentable, modern and appealing. The chair is designed to show case its high quality in a very fashionable style that emphasizes its strong points.


With the quality materials and design used in the making of the chair, it is designed to be durable for a long time. This will not only work in helping you save on furniture, but also limit the need for other furniture in the future.


The Eames style arm chair is designed to offer everything that can be expected in a chair. From comfort, ergonomics, durability and so much more, the seat provides an elegant look to your dining table and your entire décor.

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