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Beginner Guide: Eames Style Leather Office Chair

The Eames office chair is one of the office chairs designed by Charles Eames. This prolific designer has quickly risen up the ranks to become one of the most sought after furniture designer. Providing a great mix of qualities is his specialty and it is one in which, he does not disappoint in. In a market that is this competitive, it is difficult for a designer to take hold of a top high ranking position for long but Eames has maintained it with his high quality furniture that is unrivaled.

The Eames office chair is designed for the office setting and it is exquisitely suited for that job. The features of the chair allow for the following qualities:

Eames Style High Back Leather Office Chair | Reproduction


Ergonomic comfort

With the stylish high back design, the chair lifts the lower back and reduces strain to the spine and lower back. It is also designed so that it maintains the upper body's natural posture and helps the individual to avoid slouching and harming the back. The design also allows for the proper setting of the feet and promotes blood flow through the body. All these ergonomic designs allow for comfort for as long as the individual is seated.

Stylish décor

The seat comes in a variety of colors to suit the interior décor of the office. These include; white, black, brown, yellow and green. The bottom part of the Eames office chair has a smooth finish of castor and is designed to be elegantly complementary of your office décor. Aside from that, it is made of leather and there is an option to select the type of leather that you want on your chair. The choices allow for variety as well as flexibility and include; faux, bonded and genuine leather.


The prices offered on the chair at http://www.myconcept.com.hk/collections/charles-eames-chairs/products/eames-style-high-back-office-chair are flexible depending on the type of leather that you want on your chair. The better the leather quality, the more expensive the chair, with genuine leather going for $2,500, bonded leather going for $1,978 and faux leather being the cheapest option at $1,575.


The chair is designed not only to provide comfort at the workplace but also to provide functional service. The chair is adjustable so that anyone can use it and its general design allows for anyone of any size or shape to fit. The chair is also easy to move around in since it has wheels and it allows for mobility around the workplace. It also does not occupy as much space around the workplace which is also an added advantage.