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Innovi Pure comes from Denmark, the "fairy tale Kingdom", which began in 1971. It is a company loyal to the original. A Danish furniture company founded and designed, one of Denmark's high-end furniture design brands. We start Finally firmly believe that: the clever combination of design and function will definitely create a creative and economical experience for you. An original product that will last forever. Since 1989, Innovechun has been committed to the design and development of multifunctional sofas for 31 years., The products are exported to 100 countries around the world, and the quality has reached the EU certification.Today we can I am very proud to say: Innovichun is a well-known company for innovative functional sofas.

SKU Innovation-CASSIUS D.E.L
Frame: Cooled Steel Rolled
Legs: Metal Electroplated
Size: L233xW117xH83cm