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Winter Clearance Sale! Please do not wait.

BONTA' (Accessories)

Original price $2,600.00 - Original price $3,100.00
Original price
$2,600.00 - $3,100.00
Current price $3,100.00
A portable lamp explores the connection between light, food and conviviality.
It’s a portable lamp that interacts with objects on the table.

A body made from white textured milk glass, diffuses the light, creating a relaxed atmosphere, while the upper recess is home to a glass bowl

designed to hold food for sharing.

This can be combined or alternated with a taller bowl and wider one – almost a plate – at the top.

The bowls – and the lamp itself – are made from hand-worked glass, making them unique pieces whose texture, transparency and colour generate a special dialogue between light and food, blurring the boundaries between them.

Maximum attention to detail has been shown in order to do justice to the object itself and the other elements with which it interacts.

Light plays a key role in creating the perfect atmosphere, interacting with other elements on the table and promoting sharing and conviviality.
SKU 0150340A
Style: Plate
Color: Wood base + Red glass
Size: Lø26cmxWø12cmxH7.5cm