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Troll Vase

The idea behind Troll Vase started as a study of the properties of glass – examining how the intensity of colour changes depending on the thickness of the material. The result is a vase featuring a dynamic change of thickness throughout, from solid coloured base to thin transparent bubble-like top.

Designed by Andersen & Voll

X-Large   Amber, 4734929   B 22 cm   H 32 cm
Large   Amber, 4733929   B 13 cm   H 19 cm
Medium   Amber, 4732929   B 14 cm   H 12 cm

X-Large   Smoke, 4734949   B 22 cm   H 32 cm
Large   Smoke, 4733949   B 13 cm   H 19 cm
Medium   Smoke, 4732949   B 14 cm   H 12 cm

X-Large Midnight Blue, 4734779   B 22 cm   H 32 cm
Large   Midnight Blue, 4733779   B 13 cm   H 19 cm
Medium   Midnight Blue, 4732779   B 14 cm   H 12 cm

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