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Cast Pendant

The Cast Pendant takes its inspiration from functional cast metal objects and the graphic qualities of traditional plumb weights, hanging from a line used by masons and carpenters since Ancient Egypt. Versatile and naturally assimilating into the décor of any room or forming a sculptural installation by hanging one lamp on its own or clustering several into a striking installation, the Cast Pendant embodies Menu’s  philosophy of soft minimalism and quiet tactility. 

Designed by Tom Chung & Jordan Murphy

Shape 1   Black, 1210539      H 12 cm   Ø 12 cm
Shape 2   Black, 1220539      H 10 cm   Ø 9 cm
Shape 3   Black, 1230539      H 15 cm   Ø 7 cm
Shape 4   Black, 1240539      H 25/32 cm   W 66 cm   D 12 cm

Shape 1   Grey, 1210009      H 12 cm   Ø 12 cm
Shape 2   Grey, 1220009      H 10 cm   Ø 9 cm
Shape 3   Grey, 1230009      H 15 cm   Ø 7 cm
Shape 4   Grey, 1240009      H 25/32 cm   W 66 cm   D 12 cm

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