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Chamfer Serving Board

Marble Plate for Serving

Chamfer by Menu is a serving board series, which is inspired by the innate emotional response of humans to natural materials. The Chamfer platters are made of clear glass or fine black marble and was designed in a way that they both can be used as platters or can be used as elegant tray for jewellery, candles and other things.

Platter with Sloping Edge

"Chamfer" is a term used by craftsmen and artisans, to describe a slanted edge. The slanted edge of the platter serves not only a decorative purpose, but is also convenient because it facilitates lifting the plate. 
Exquisite food such as sushi or intricately designed cakes and chocolates can be presented very tastefully on the tray.

Dimension: H: 2,5 cm, L: 30 cm, W: 20 cm

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